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Amanda Gourgue brings people together around common-sense solutions. Learn more about where Amanda stands on the issues.

Climate, Energy, and Agriculture

Climate Crisis

  • Reject all efforts to deny the validity of science. Climate change presents a real and imminent threat, and it is everyone's immediate responsibility to proactively address and counter its effects.

  • Support the creation of a statewide comprehensive climate action plan with clearly specified timelines and goals.

  • Believe that achieving energy efficiency and economic growth are complementary goals. Believe that economic development must occur in a way that protects the environment, creates good local jobs, and preserves the climate and natural resources for future generations.

  • Believe in eliminating dependence on fossil fuels by no later than 2050 by investing in energy efficiency and renewable energy resources, infrastructure, and jobs.

Agriculture and Natural Resources

  • Believe it is everyone's duty and responsibility to preserve clean air, clean water and a healthy environment for today and tomorrow. Believe that all residents in every community should have affordable access to a safe and healthy food supply.

  • Support the growth and well-being of local family farms that feed New Hampshire and its economy.

  • Support the role that sustainable agriculture plays in combating climate change.

  • A healthy environment also needs healthy soil and pollinators with protection from chemicals harmful to all living things.

  • Support the protection of public parks, recreation areas, and all public lands which enable everyone to enjoy the beauty of our state, and which are critical in preserving the health of the ecosystems.

Health Care

  • Believe health care is a basic human right and support universal health care.

  • Believe quality health care must include physical, mental, and oral health care, at the right time, including prevention and early intervention and in a clinically appropriate setting based on access in all urban and rural geographic areas.

  • Public health and emergency preparedness are essential responsibilities of government, including seeking federal support to implement robust public health programs and combat the current pandemic and all future public health emergencies.

  • Support expanding the use of telehealth to improve access to health care for all people in every part of New Hampshire.

  • Believe in strengthening community mental health system through an integrated approach with expanded, well-funded prevention programs, including suicide prevention and early intervention, to transform the fragmented mental healthcare system.

  • Oppose criminalizing people with mental illness and transferring the mentally ill who have not been charged with a crime to a prison setting.

  • Believe in gender equity and cultural sensitivity for individuals who are transgender, non-binary, or from racially underserved communities and that this sensitivity should inform health care delivery and access.

  • Believe in affordable, safe, confidential, respectful access to the full range of reproductive health care, including contraception and abortion care, regardless of geography, income or insurance coverage, and free from government interference.

  • Believe sexual and reproductive health education for all young people promotes public health and social stability and decreases gender and ethnic wage gaps.

Workforce & Economy

  • Believe government serves a vital role in creating and protecting a vibrant economic environment with opportunity for all that is conducive to business development, workers’ rights, and consumer protection.

  • Believe in a government that promotes business development statewide by ensuring the availability of a well-educated, well-trained, and well-compensated workforce with competitive wages and benefits and the skills needed to compete in a globalized economy.

  • Believe it is the role of government to provide an adequate safety net to protect individuals in times of economic distress.

  • Believe in a government that establishes a comprehensive transportation infrastructure to allow the transport of people, goods, and services across the state, and make it possible for businesses and communities to thrive.

  • Believe in a government that establishes a comprehensive telecommunications and broadband infrastructure that promotes business development in both urban and rural areas of the state.

  • Believe in a government that ensures high quality public education, affordable housing, and the availability of health care services to make communities attractive to businesses and allow them to attract qualified employees to the state.

  • Believe diversity makes everyone stronger and more welcoming to newcomers and business.

Fiscal Responsibility

  • Believe an effective and efficient government provides essential services including supporting the health and safety of residents, public education, the protection of our environment, access to courts and justice, consumer protection, and the physical infrastructure necessary to maintain a robust economy and expand employment opportunities.

  • Believe the budget must not only reflect the true costs of operating an effective and efficient government, but must also be supported by sufficient revenue and honest revenue estimates.

  • Oppose unfunded mandates and downshifting costs to the local property taxpayer.

  • Respect both the will of the people and the constitutional requirement of fair and equal taxation.

  • Committed to engaging New Hampshire residents in an effort to develop fiscally sound, transparent, and accountable approaches to a balanced budget designed to serve the needs of residents and economy.


  • Believe public education is a bedrock principle of our free and democratic society.

  • Believe all students have the right to a quality education, from early childhood through post-secondary college or career training.

  • Believe in an adequately funded public education for all students. Reject all efforts to divert public funding to privatized education.

  • Believe all students should be able to attend college or career training without the burden of excessive debt. Lowering in-state tuition costs by responsibly funding public community colleges and universities is critical to this mission.

  • Recognize the opportunity gap between and within communities. Support policies to equalize education funding and eliminate the gap for children across income levels and zip codes.

  • Believe children and teachers have the right to be safe in school. Support enforced anti-bullying policies and laws.

  • Support gun-free schools and will fight any attempts to arm teachers or militarize schools under the pretense of school safety.

  • Believe that public schools are at the frontline of New Hampshire’s mental health, substance misuse, and child protection crises, and that behavioral health support for students and teachers is crucial.

The Next Generation

  • Recognize the future prosperity of the state requires everyone to actively create communities that keep and attract young people to the state.

  • Believe in policies that allow students to afford public higher education and training without the shackling burden of excessive debt.

  • Believe affordable housing is critical to making the state more accessible to young people and to maintaining a thriving workforce.

  • Support family-friendly policies, such as paid family leave and paid sick leave, that enable young people to work and support healthy families.

  • Believe in equal access to affordable, high-quality childcare and pre-school.

  • Believe the availability of telecommunications and information technology services across rural and urban areas is critical to enabling the next generation to live and work, grow families, and establish businesses in the state.

  • Encourage young people to run for local, state, and national office so that policies reflect all generations’ interests.

Public Safety and Justice

  • Believe the protection of, and accountability for, children’s safety is a critical and fundamental function of government, especially those entrusted to the care of the state.

  • Believe that protection from domestic violence is a core function of government.

  • Support our law enforcement, firefighters and EMS personnel who keep citizens safe. Support safe and healthy working conditions for them. Support proper staffing in accordance with national standards and the recommendations of subject matter experts.

  • Believe in universal background checks to protect our communities from gun violence.

  • Believe that military-style weapons, bump stocks, and high-capacity magazines do not belong on the streets.

  • Believe communities should have the right to establish gun-free zones in certain public places, such as schools, as a means of reducing gun violence.

  • Support a ban on guns in and on the floor of our State House for the safety of residents, guests, and children who visit.

  • Believe that prevention, education, treatment, diversion programs and rehabilitation are the most effective means of curbing violent and repeat offenders rather than incarceration, for low-level, nonviolent drug offenders.

  • Believe that cannabis should be legalized and regulated.

  • Support full, fair, and timely access to the courts, both criminal and civil, and the protection of the constitutional right to a trial by jury.

Transportation and Infrastructure

  • Believe that a comprehensive transportation system promotes social and economic justice by allowing all of the people and businesses in the state to take advantage of opportunities regardless of their geographic location or economic circumstances.

  • Believe in policies that promote the growth and development of multiple modes of interconnected, affordable public transportation, including commuter rail and bus service, throughout rural and urban areas of New Hampshire.

  • Believe investing in roads, bridges, ports, local airports, water systems, electric vehicle infrastructure, and sustainable renewable energy is essential to ensuring future business development and to protecting the safety of residents.

  • Believe that access to emerging telecommunications and information services technologies, including robust broadband and wireless service to every corner of the state, is essential to supporting business development as well as the safety and growth of communities.

Voting Rights and Democracy

  • Believe that voting is a right and responsibility and not a privilege. Voting should be accessible to all citizens.

  • Believe in policies that broaden voter participation. Reject laws that unreasonably restrict the right to vote. Voter identification laws or other measures that are aimed at preventing students, the elderly, voters with disabilities, or minorities from exercising their constitutional right to vote are counter to democratic principles.

  • Support expanded absentee voting, automatic registration and the continuation of same-day registration.

  • Support a non-partisan state redistricting process designed to be free of partisan gerrymandering.

  • Believe exercising the right to vote should not impose separate obligations on voters under the motor vehicle code.

  • Believe educating citizens regarding their rights, beginning with civics education in schools, is essential to democracy.

Diversity Makes Us Stronger

  • Believe diversity makes us stronger and more welcoming to newcomers and business.

  • Support all people regardless of race, religious beliefs, disability, immigration status, national origin, age, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression (LGBTQ+).

  • Believe in basic protections and security for all people in the state, and that everyone should be free from discrimination in all areas of society including in employment, housing, education, health care, justice system, and in accessing all areas of public accommodations.

  • Believe people who identify as LGBTQ+ deserve equal rights and opportunities in all aspects of life and society, including but not limited to participation in sports, career opportunities, health care and insurance coverage.

  • Believe women deserve equal pay, easy access to reproductive health care and protection from sexual violence and harassment.

  • Believe people who experience disabilities deserve access to equal treatment and opportunities.

  • Believe immigration is an opportunity for growth. Welcome immigrants from all countries and backgrounds. Object to the use of state funds and state authorities to enforce federal immigration laws which destroy families and disrupt communities

First in the Nation Primary

  • Proud to support and defend New Hampshire’s first in the nation primary and will fight to protect this important status.

  • Welcome all candidates to the state, treat them fairly and take the responsibility of hosting primary candidates seriously.

  • Committed to maintaining fairness and respecting all candidates in primary elections.

Support for Our Workers

  • Believe that government, at its best, supports and protects the rights of workers.

  • Support the rights of all public and private sector workers to organize and form unions in order to collectively bargain for livable wages, fair benefits, and safe working conditions.

  • Oppose efforts to undermine these rights to collectively bargain, especially so-called “Right to Work” legislation and efforts to reduce bargaining unit membership.

  • Believe growing income inequality and the resulting struggle of middle class workers to provide for the needs of their families undermines families and communities.

  • Believe that all public and private sector workers are entitled to fair, competitive wages and that the minimum wage should be a livable wage.

  • Believe in paid family and medical leave insurance.

  • Believe the promises of pensions should be upheld and not infringed. Every person should be able to retire and live in retirement with dignity and quality, affordable healthcare.

  • Fight for the rights of women and minorities in all aspects of society, including the workplace, and in equal pay for equal work.

Support for Our Veterans and Military Families

  • Honor and respect veterans, active duty and reserve military personnel, national guard and military families.

  • Believe the best way to honor all veterans is to keep a commitment to provide physical and mental healthcare, education, and disability support for their lifetime.

  • Support policies that create employment opportunities for veterans and address the problem of homelessness, substance use disorder, and suicide.

  • Support the expansion of access to health care through contracting with local hospitals and doctors to ensure veterans have access to health care services in both urban and rural areas across the state.