Get to know Amanda

Amanda is a lifelong Lee resident and graduate from the Oyster River Cooperative School District. In 2008, she started Meeting Revolution, which specializes in planning sustainable meetings and events. Two years later, in 2010, she served on a task force that produced an international sustainable events standard (ISO 20121).

During the construction of that standard, Amanda worked with US and international government officials and other stakeholders to understand the requirements for creating a solution to a global challenge. After the completion of that project, she knew she wanted to serve in government.

In 2011, Amanda enrolled in a Masters of Environmental Law and Policy from Vermont Law School At the same time, she also joined a Masters of Business Administration program with Antioch University in the hopes of building a stronger company. While going to school for the two Master programs, she also worked full time with Meeting Revolution and at a local hotel as a front desk agent.

Actions taken by state legislative leaders in 2014 spurred Amanda to run for state representative two years later, in 2016. She had been consulting with the N.H. Sierra Club to help them fundraise but thought that she needed to do more. Also, at that point within the NH legislature, she couldn’t see herself or anyone who could represent her as a 30-something female. Even in 2014, there weren’t that many women, or really anyone under the age of 50 serving in the House.

Amanda won the seat by 51 votes, defeating an incumbent Republican after a recount confirmed her victory. She won re-election in 2018 55% to 42%. This was the first time that someone from any party had won consecutive races in the competitive swing district.

Amanda has a bipartisan voting record, and has made constituent service a priority during her four years in office. She works hard to remain accessible to residents within her district, and will continue working hard on behalf of residents if elected to another two-year term.

She wants to make sure that she is doing right for the towns she represent. Amanda lives in this community and want to make sure that she is representing what is important to people living here.